About Us


We have been providing prestige level motorcycle training courses since 1994.
Our Courses are specialized to provide all level riders with the necessary skills and techniques required to riding a motorcycle and at the same time have fun.
Our aim is to expose all level riders to ways of safe riding, prepare each rider mentally and physically, whilst building your confidence to ensure that you enjoy all aspects of riding a motorcycle.

We are also S.a.i.d.i. & G.P.A. Approved.

What we offer:

Learner's course.
All codes - bike, car, & truck
It is a one day course.
We also supply study material.

One on One Beginners course.
3 session's, supply bike, helmet, insurance, and training ground.

K53 Licence training course.
We supply training, track, helmet, insurance, and bike rentals

Defensive driving techniques course:
This course deals with motorcycle accidents and the factors leading to them.
One day course.

Please contact us for prices.